With summer fast approaching, you're sure to venture to remote spots to recreate. Hence, there will be highways and traffic to negotiate. When transporting equipment or gear, there are a few items of import to be mindful of before and once you set forth.

Stowage of Bikes, Kayaks Safely

  • Before starting off, ensure the appropriate transport rack is secured, and components and fittings working properly.
  • Next, with your bike or kayak placed onto rack, make sure tie-downs, clasps or hooks are all taught and secured. Then, give a slight push or pull against the gear, confirming stability.
  • Upon setting off, make a safe stop at a rest area or parking lot. Here, you'll ensure everything is still atop and securely tied-down.

It's your responsibility that nothing comes loose or flies off as you transport equipment and gear. This enables safety for all those around and involved.

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