Easily one of the most handsome sedans on the market, the Volkswagen Arteon continues to command die-hard fans among our Canton, CT Mitchell Volkswagen team as well as driving critics and motorists. What gives this luxury ride its distinct look, character and performance? It's all in the intelligent design.

Although it's a sedan, the Volkswagen Arteon draws inspiration from a hatchback body. The body's hatch opens automatically, hands-free. Just hold your foot under the rear bumper. The same feature lets you use your foot under the hatch to unlock, open, and close the hatch door as needed. Now it's easier than ever to load up the trunk even when your hands are completely full.

Set the scene for daily commutes through Simsbury, longer road trips or nights out on the town. The Volkswagen Arteon has ambient interior lighting to illuminate whatever you need to get done inside the cabin. The lighting changes colors at the push of a button, letting you adjust interior ambiance to the liking of your guests, to suit the situation or complement your mood.


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