See How the VW Golf Outshines its Competitors in Canton, CT

As compact cars like the Volkswagen Golf become more sought after by drivers throughout the Canton, Connecticut area, identifying which model will be the best option can be a notable challenge. Here at Mitchell Volkswagen, we're big fans of the award-winning VW Golf, but to show just how this incredible hatchback is so impressive, we've compiled a comparison of the Golf and its top competitors from Honda, Ford and Mazda, so that you can more easily see how the Golf is the best bet throughout Torrington, Simsbury, West Hartford, and beyond.

VW Golf vs Honda Fit

  • While both the Golf and Fit start at under twenty-thousand dollars, they both offer very different experiences for the money. The Golf starts with an MSRP just over eighteen thousand, but with the slightly increased price, drivers get much more than the Honda Fit can offer.
  • Both vehicles offer an estimated 37mpg* highway, but with the Golf drivers get significantly more power, 170-Horsepower to the meager 130-horsepower of the Fit, making the Golf a more enjoyable drive.
  • With greater head and shoulder room in the second row of the Golf, it boasts a more comfortable experience for everyone. 53.9 inches of shoulder room and 38.1 inches of head room make the Golf a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for your passengers.
  • With greater track width, 61 inches at the front and 59.8 in the rear, compared to the 58.3 and 58 of the Honda Fit, the VW Golf delivers greater control and a better agility in tight turns, for a far more enjoyable driving experience.

VW Golf vs Ford Focus

  • With superior passenger volume, 93.5 cubic feet to be precise, the Golf offers a more spacious and airy interior, complete with an elegant design for a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing experience.
  • With a larger body and Short and Long arm suspension, the Focus fails to match the agile handling with which the Golf has become synonymous.
  • The impressive performance of the Golf is also highlighted by the powerful engine, which offers 184-Horsepower, compared to the underwhelming 146-horsepower of the Ford Focus.
  • With its hatchback layout, the Volkswagen Golf offers better storage capacity, up to 52.7 cubic feet with the rear seat folded down.

VW Golf vs Mazda3

  • With one look at both the VW Golf and the Mazda3, the aesthetic differences will be immediately apparent. The swooping, overdesigned exterior of this Mazda hatchback simply tries too hard, while the Golf offers an understated and appealing aesthetic.
  • With 170-horsepower at its core, the Golf easily outperforms the Mazda3's 155-Horsepower.
  • Greater cargo volume with the rear seat folded down makes the VW Golf a more versatile and useful car for Canton, CT drivers.
  • With superior torque output, 184 pound-feet compared to 150, the Golf offers a more responsive and satisfying drive.

To learn more about the advantages of the new Volkswagen Golf, come and test drive this exciting model at our location at 51 Albany Turnpike, Canton, CT. You can also contact us with any questions you may have. In no time you'll be enjoying a more satisfying future with a new VW Golf.

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